SHOCKING PROPHECY : A Big Tree To Fall In Zimbabwe

Popular Zimbabwean Apostle Chiloh, has today issued a prophecy, saying something big is about to happen in Zimbabwe:

Apostle Chiloh Said:

God bless you today being the 10th of January 2021.

I come to you again.

But this time around, not just the nation of Zimbabwe. I come to a huge congregation.

I join you in prayer. And in the search for amongst these congregations, which are big. God told me that a big tree is going to be fall, and the falling of this big tree is not just a cause of concern, but the congregation is my one.

The congregation is my worry.

We need to pray for this congregation , the body of Christ should come together and pray together.

For I’m not only assigned a prophet or a preacher, or an apostle, only for the nations, but also for the body of Christ.

Join me to pray. Concerning this Congregation for something will soon happen.

Beyond that event is my wife.

Let us pray in Jesus mighty name.

I’ve always been a man who comes to give prophecies. And God has given me the grace to do this in  the name of Jesus, amen.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.