Josie Mahachie spoke to Madam Boss ( Tyra Chikocho Munetsiwa) on her life and career.

Key Points

  1. Tyra  is married to Ngoni Mhofu and she has one child ( Michella). She says she wants to have another child. She also has a dog ( A Chihauahua called Koko).

2. Tyra  is a brand ambassador to over 10 companies in Zimbabwe. She has three residential stands and her house in Masasa is at roof level. She says she stopped building because of the situation, but she will continue once they get more money.

3. Tyra is a member of the SDA.

4. She was born in Harare and then they moved to the rural areas with her mom. Her mom died when she was in Grade 7 and then she moved back to Harare to stay with her sisters.

5. She attended Budiriro 1 Primary School.

6. She says she was not good at school and came out with 36 points.

7. She had to go back from Grade 7 to Grade 6 and she says she came out with 36 points again.

8. She then went to Budiriro 1 High and her results were not good.

9. She went to Masvingo where her sisters were staying in Ngundu.

10. She was working at Ngundu Rock Motel as a cleaner, from where she was promoted to be the receptionist.

11. At Ngundu she says a lot happened there, she was a rumour monger.

12. She said she would tell the wives when husbands came with girlfriends.

13. One day she told on a certain man, whose wife then revealed that Tarisai had told her that he was at the hotel with another girl.

14. After she was outed, she was transferred by her boss, Mr Gapare, to Bulawayo, where he had another hotel.

15. She says when she was in Ngundu, she would give them 10 to 20 minutes and then she would knock.

16. Tyra said she never thought one day she would be popular.

17. After she started being Madam Boss, she realised that she was a dramatic person.

18. Madam Boss says she represents many big brands because good brand attracts good brands.

19. She says she has three managers, Her sister Mutisi, Mhofela and Fanuel Peter Mazwi.

20. Madam Boss says she does not respond to negativity.

21. Madam Boss says she monitises her content through YouTube.

22. At first she did not know about YouTube monetisation.

23. She is sending her child to school using YouTube Money.

24. Tyra says she only uses her phone only for recording.

25. Madam Boss says people talk whatever they like.

26. Madam Boss says Passion approached her for work reasons.

27. Joseph Madzivire was approaching her on behalf of Java.

28. She then attended Gara Mumba show.

29. Java was giving people who were loyal to his church some gifts, and he asked her what she wanted. She said she wanted a car.

30. The next day she got a call from Sekuru Shumba who has a car oark in Eastlea and she was told to come and pick up her car.

31. She chose the car that she wanted a Mercedes Benz.

32. That was it and she is not in love with Prophet Java.

33. After she used the car for a while, she continues to post Java’s videos.

34. After a while, Java said the car needed to be changed.

35. She did a Swap and Top and bought another one ( She now drives an ML Mercedes).

36. Before that car, her husband had been bought a small car by her husband ( A Mercedes B Class).

37. Madam Boss says she is affected when people attack her husband.

38. Tyra said even at home she is a funny person.

39. She said she agreed with her husband not to keep grudges.

40. Mhofu does not get jelousy because he is behind that, he is the manager.

41. Even when she travel alone, she does not believe he gets jelousy.

42.Tyra said her in laws watch her all the time and they support her.

43. Her husband’s mother used to act with her mother in law.

44. She refused to comment on Mai TT.

45. Tyra said she bleached because she had a skin disorder.

46. She said she has never been injected or taken pills for a fair skin. She says she uses creams.

47. She says if she is afraid to stop using creams.

48. She says she has a close relationship with her maid ( Mai B) because she was also previously a maid.

49. She does not treat Mai B as a maid.

50. Tyra said she met Tyra at Chinamano street while they were watching a movie. One of the three friends was a boy called Gospel Mudoni. Ngoni came around 9 at Gospel’s flat.

51. When Ngoni left, she asked Gospel to introduce her.

52. Ngoni had his own girlfriend and she had her own boyfriend.

53. She says she never met her husband in church.

54. She says on the day they went to the lake, he was driving a BT50. When they got to the lake they kissed.

55. Later the owner of the BT50  came to pick up his car ( Liberty Mhofu).

56. Tyra said she quickly got pregnant after only 5 months!

57. After she got pregnant, Mhofu was initially not happy, but eventually took her to his mother in Chitungwiza.

58. Mhofu’s mother was very happy. He asked her to take off her make-up. They did everything quickly because Mhofu is a member of the SDA. He told his mother that he wanted to marry her.

59. SDA boys are taught how to save money for marriage. So Mhofu had money already for marriage.

60. Tyra said she does not encourage other girls to get pregnant so that they get married.

61. She says she likes junk food.

62. Tyra says everyone in her team comes up with ideas.

63. Tyra said when she was growing she had a character that no one could understand. Her mother once beat her up because she said of her character. She says she liked to steal. Tyra said in her mind she was almost like she was disabled. That made her people not like her. Dudzai mimicks things that she used to do when she was young.

64. Tyra said when it comes to politics she likes to be on the Terraces. She does not want to be pushed into politics.

Last Words And Advise

Tyra said is one wants to be popular and make it on social media they must be consistent and keep producing content. She says girls must go to school and the talent will develop at the same time as you go to school ( Side gig).

Please watch the video above this post for more details.