Former ZANU-PF member, Jonathan Moyo has criticised the president of Zimbabwe for going to leave for a month at a time when the country needs him the most.

Zimbabwe is currently fighting the second wave of Covid-19, which is believed to be more contagious and deadly compared to the first wave.

However, the Zimbabwean president is still on leave leading to Jonathan Moyo to criticise his leadership qualities.

QUESTION: who is the only President in the world on a month-long leave, holidaying, when his country is going through a devastating second wave of the #coronavirus which, according to his govt spokesperson, has seen citizens “falling like flies”?

ANSWER: no prize for guessing, tweeted Jonathan Moyo.

However, many people responded to Moyo’s tweet with some suggesting that the president is working during holiday on the other hand others responded by criticising the president for not putting citizens first.

As at 11 January 2021, Zimbabwe had 22 297 confirmed cases, including 13 213 recoveries and 528 deaths.