Jay Israel last night went LIVE and exposed Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa.

Key Points

1. Money that I am spending is money that I am working for.

2. A few months ago while in Durban, he was busy with his online church.

3. One day while preaching, he mentioned Blessing Mashangwa.

4. Zodwa Mkandla called him after that and said Blessing is looking for his number.

5. Blessing then contacted him.

6. She had lost everything, her business and she was in the process of rebuilding herself.

7. He told her he was planning to go back to Johannesburg.

8. She told him she had a house in Johannesburg. She said he could come and rent the house.

9. He took the house, and he was going to pay rent. He said he would pay rent 6 months in advance.

10. He paid her R175 000 in advance.

11. He moved to Johannesburg.

12. He said he was not with Blessing for money.

13. He said she is broke.

14. Blessing is going out there lying that he used her.

15. She moved out of the house.

16. Jay Isreal said he offered to pay the house.

17. He offered to renovate an apartment for her.

18. He kept on sending money to her.

19. Blessing Mashangwa sells perfumes and over the past year she has been out of business.

20. She is embarrassed that she was dating a 28 year old.

21. She was recording her from day 1.

22. He said he was not aware that she was sent to destroy her.

23. One day she sent people to come and kill him.

24. He said he occupied the house.

25. During the relationship, they had a fight.

26. They got into a deal where they were supposed to buy merchandise for R1, 2 Million.

27. She put R600 000 into the deal and he put in R600 000.

28. The business did not materialise and they lost money.

29. He said he will refund her.

30. He was going through her papers and saw that she was bipolar.

31. She hired bouncers and told him they were her brothers.They came to the house to terorise her mother. The bouncers made him sit down and said he must record a video saying he owes her R600 000.

32. Recently, Blessing bought a gun. She said police say the gun was used for murder and robbery

33. If you go to Blessing’s family, you will be told that Blessing Poisoned her mother.

34. She also arranged a second wife for her father.

35. Blessing has been fighting to get all the wealth of her father before he died.

36. The 419 journalist Solomon is not trying to help Blessing but he just hates him.

37. Blessing has burns all over her body. She has vowed to kill her mother for what she did to her when she was young.

38. All the Pastors who are paying her must know that he can not be easily be brought down.

39. A few days ago, the mother signed off all the residential stands to Blessing’s name.

40. Jay Israel says he has a protection order against Blessing.

41. The second wife she was arranging for her father is her mother’s sister.

42. One of his best mistakes was Meeting Blessing.

43. Blessing is a con woman.

44. They have deals in which they extort business men.

45. She has been trafficking illegal substances to Zimbabwe.

46. Blessing had an affair with Magaya.

47. Blessing is thd one who recorded the video of them plotting against Makandiwa.

48. There are no 11 TVs in Blessing’s house.

49. It’s a war and he will not back down.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.