The Leader of Englighted Christian Gathering Church (ECG) Shephered Bushiri has repoterdly launched a new church headquarted in Lilongwe the capital of Malawi.

The Prophet has also launched online ECG studio in Lilongwe. The studio has got screens that show many people who are connected during an online service.

Bushiri said in 2021 his main aim is to rebuild the church.

“In 2021 we are focusing on three things, rebuilding our church and that will be the most important thing, the other thing is ro restructure and to rebrand the church,” said Bushiri.

The church was previously headquartered in South Africa however Bushiri was arrested in October 2020 over allegations of money laundering.

Bushiri remained in custody until he and his colleagues were finally granted granted R200 000 bail on 4 November.

One of their bail conditions was for them not to leave the country.Their bail condition allowed them to travel within Gauteng and the North West only until their case is finalised.