The Zimbabwean musician Desmond Tambawoga Chideme popularly known as Stunner says life will never be the same without his mother.


This comes after the musician’s mom Elizabeth Chideme succumbed to Covid 19 a few days ago.

In a post on Instagram Stunner said he depended on his mom so without her things will not be the same anymore.

He wrote:

Please dont come to my phone and tell me it’s going to be okay, it’s never going to be okay.

Who is going to tell me “you are drinking too much bring some of those bottles to the nest?”

Who is going to pray for me when I travel and when I’m low?

Who is going to prepare and force me to take Zumbani and moringa powder ?

Who will do the rosary for me coz I never learnt ?

Whose “good morning Tambawoga” text am I going to wake up to?

Who is going to tell me not reply to all of you when you judge me like you know me ?

Who am I going to send every new demo I recrd in the studio (she listened to every single song I made)

So many things I could right coz I depended on you even when I went quiet for a little bit ndaiona matumira ka airtime 😭😭😭😭😭

You where the reason I still visited the hood (glen norah) and when I was sick you asked to come and stay at home but you never gave me chance to invite you to my home, you never said bye but you asked me to get you mukaka wakakora and you had your last meal sadza nemukaka.

Your death wasnt fair and I still have a lot that needs to be fixed by you mom, ndimi mudzimu wangu wandave kutanga kuchemera muchindisvitsira zvichemo zvangu Kuna musika vanhu. Misodzi yangu haisi kuzopera kusvika tasangana zve .