Man S_exually Abuses Corpse

An Epworth man s_exually abused a corpse to quench his five-year love obsession for the deceased.

The accused is 51 years old and is known as Bigie Sipiliano.

Biggie came with his two other friends and stormed the Mazhindu homestead in Maguta Extension moments after the deceased Mellisa Mazhindu had collapsed and died on New Year’s Day.

The corpse was still covered with a white cloth when Bigie and crew claimed they had some unfinished business with the deceased and wanted to have last moments with her before she was handed to the police.

According to the deceased’s mother, Phillipa Mazhindu, Bigie violated her daughter’s body before he attempted to extend the abuse to her and her other daughter.

“I was in the middle of mourning my daughter when Bigie and his friends came into my house soon after my daughter had died.

She also said they were influenced by alcohol as they were holding beer in their hands, smoking weed.

Mazhindu said she was confused between mourning her daughter and attending to Bigie’s actions.

“I was deeply heartbroken with what they were doing and  I remained silent because of my grief, ” she added.

Mazhindu said the three ordered her and her colleahues to close their eyes and forced them to sleep warning them that they would have anal sex with anyone who would not follow instructions.

“I then made a loud scream for our neighbours’ attention; the other two retaliated but Bigie came towards me and my daughter and he fondled my breasts and cuddled my daughter,” she said.

Mazhindu claimed she was saved by her neighbours who quickly gathered outside and one of them dragged Bigie outside.