A Kenyan policeman who shot his friend 10 times after mistaking him for an accomplice of a female ‘terrorist’, has apologized to Kenyans for the death.

Lawyers speaking for the policeman  Eric Mukamba said in a statement :

Edgar Mukamba is an administration police officer stationed at Nyari police station , he was on duty at night, a friend of his, the deceased, came, they started having dinner in his car. 

Then, at around 9:30 pm, a suspicious looking woman walked into the police post.

The accused person alighted from the car and asked the person to identify herself. She looked suspicious as she looked Somali. The accused person called his boss who came running.

The two of them, plus other officers, took possession of the lady.

As he was returning back to the car, accidentally because  cause of fear that the lady might have been a terrorist. She was a Somali by accent and by physical appearance. So he was already prepared, he was ready for combat. The bullets weree ready to be discharged, he accidentally touched the trigger and the type of the gun is a gun that discharges those bullets without him needing to touch the trigger, every other time the bullets is discharged.

So the bullets hit the ground. Then, accidentally bullets, also hit the deceased.

So that is the surrounding circumstances that the deceased lost his life. The accused person is remorseful.