At least 50 people have tested positive for corona virus at Beitbridge border post.

This comes after the immigration officers confirmed that thousands of people are stuck at the border.

Those who tested positive for the virus have been turned back to Zimbabwe so as to self-isolate in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

The major concern at the Beitbridge border post is that the people were gathered in large groups before they were turned away.

The health practitioners at the border fear that many people will test positive for corona virus due to factors which include failure to adhere to social distancing and improper wearing of masks.

Herbert Moyo, a traveler who has spent a minimum of 4 days at the border says the situation is very bad at the Zimbabwean side as there is no social distancing.

“I am really concerned, I think from the Zimbabwean side there’s no social distancing where their cars are all over and from the South African side, people were crowding at the Covid testing centre therefore chances of contacting the virus are very high,” said Moyo.