MDC A Senator Christine Java and mother to prophet Passion has been laid to rest at Warren Hills Cemetery in Harare.

The political activist was in 2018 elected the Senator for Buhera district.

She died on the 3rd of January 2020 after battling cancer.

Passion Java said his mother was a great person who did wonders all around Zimbabwe.

He added that his father left them in 1999 , however Christine covered the gap very well as mother and as a father.

Java said despite all the challenges his mother managed to take care of all the nine children although some of them did not turnout ok.

Passion’s brother Blessing said he saw in a dream the lord saying his mother has “made it” the day before she died however he did not know the meaning of it.

He added that, building material from his church was also stolen however when the suspect had been apprehended to the police, he received the news about his mother.

Blessing described his mother as a loving and God fearing woman who went beyond her limits to look out for her family.

MDC A leader Nelson Chamisa was also present at the burial of Gogo Java.