The body of Roy George Tinashe Dikinya, who fell into the Victoria Falls gorge on New Year’s day, was yesterday found trapped down the cliff.

His body was found trapped 100m down the cliff – 8m above water, the waterfall is 108m.

According to Zimparks spokesperson, Rescue teams are failing to retrieve the body.

Images have also emerged of tourist Roy who was in company of a female friend taking turns to take selfies when he slipped into the gorge.

Roy was however single.


It is suspected he slipped and plunged down the gorge at the danger zone.

Tinashe has two sisters and one brother according to his facebook page.

Dikinya was aged 40 he studied at Brandon University.


Dikinya had travelled to Zimbabwe for the festive holidays.

The tourist is suspected to have been drunk and walking on dangerous slippery rocks leading to his death.