Long queues of travelers returning to South Africa from Lesotho are threatening to overwhelm immigration officials at Maseru Bridge.

South African’s newly adjusted lockdown regulations which include the 9pm to 6 AM curfew and the required COVID-19 certificate in order to gain entry to South Africa have hampered the immigration process at Maseru Bridge.

Lesotho has recorded more than 3000 registered corona virus cases with 65 COVID-19 related fatalities.

Many travelers have been arrested and deported to Lesotho due to factors which include illegal crossings, people who are not willing to do PCR covid tests and some of their passports have been disallowed to cross to South Africa because of various crimes.

More than 300 people have been waiting to cross to South Africa and most of the people who live near the boarder have been planning to arrive at the boarder by 4 am.

Meanwhile those who do not have relatives near the border have been left without a choice but to return back home.

Those who had already tested but travelling to very far areas such as Rustenburg or furthermore have been advised not to cross over as the 9pm curfew will obviously catch them on their way.

The biggest fear at Maseru bridge is that those who tested positive for corona virus have not been provided with proper transport that will help them travel to quarantine centers without spreading the virus.

The South African officials have been raising the issue to the Lesotho side however the issue is yet to be resolved.