In an attempt to please Nelson Chamisa supporters, popular award winning Zimbabwean journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, has tried to distinguish the congratulatory message sent to MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa, to that sent to MDC-T President, Douglas Mwonzora, by Mnangagwa.

Chin’ono wrote on Facebook :

We shouldn’t be arguing about the False Equivalency of Mnangagwa’s congratulatory and endorsement messages.

He congratulated Chamisa when he took over the MDC-A leadership, but went further to endorse Mwonzora’s Congress process, not Nero’s when it happened.

That is irrelevant because we know that the Mwonzora’s are ZANUPF’s puppets!

The REAL question should be;
What will the MDC-A do about it beyond slogans, political and religious platitudes?

This is despite the fact that there was a court order at the time of the Gweru congress, that said Morgan Tsvangirai ‘s appointment of Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri was not constitutional.

It would have been impossible therefore for Mnangagwa to endorse a process that was condemned by a court of law.

In conclusion, it seems opposition players spend a lot of time trying to outdo each other instead of working on uniting and forming a formidable coalition to beat ZANU-PF.