Meet the Richest Kids In Zimbabwe

Vannesa Chironga and Mitchell Chiyangwa are the daughters of the politician and businessman Philip Chiyangwa. Vannesa was married in 2015 spending$60 000 on her wedding.

Mitchell drives around in a $100 000 or 75 000 pounds Landrover. The two have been referred to as the Zim Kardashians.

The other rich kids from Zimbabwe are the Mugabe brothers Robert junior and Chatunga. The two used show off their luxurious life on social media posting themselves in private jets traveling.

Chatunga always hits headlines as one of the continent’s outrageous spender. He once flexed with a $60 000 watch on Instagram and wrote:

“$60 000 on my wrist. When your daddy runs the whole country”.

Rumbidzai Sharon Guma is the daughter of Elizabeth Tsvangirai. With her mom’s beauty she graduated with a Bachelor in commerce in Sydney. She has a fine test of clothes and is mostly seen driving a range rover and travelling to different places in the world.

Precision Mtunzi is the daughter of Ginimbi’s ex wife Zodwa Mnkandla. She launched her own branded Cosmetic known as Glam Lashes and endulges in creation of YouTube markup tutorials. The teenager walks around in her Mercedes Benz.

Nelia Kadungure sister to the late Ginimbi made a name for herself after the passing on of his brother. Nelia inherited 60% of all the profit that will come from his brother’s businesses. Nelia was once spotted at a party in Sandton.

Another rich Kid is the President’s son Tafadzwa Mnangagwa. He is often seen having fun in night clubs partying with elite celebrities.

Tino Benza son of the Herentials founder Innocent Benza. Tino lives a low-key life like his father who founded Herentials college and football club. Football and lavish parties are the backbone of his Instagram account. Owns a expensive Toyota and is friends with Tafadzwa Mnangagwa.