Late Moana’s father Ishmael Amuli claims that his ex wife Yolanda Kuvawonga ambushed his home on Saturday at 3:00am.

In a video on social media, Amuli said Yolanda came with a Kombi full of people claiming that they work for the Daily News they came with Tyra’s hamper.

“Ndiyani anofambira Mwana Kuna 3am vanoda kukidnapper Mwana”, he said.

Amuli added that when he wanted to go outside his wife locked him inside the house then one of the strangers kicked the door.

“Musikana anetint ndiye akicker door”, said Amuli.

Furthermore, Amuli said Yolanda accused him of stealing their daughter whom she was given by his ex son in law.

“Ndapiwa mzukuru wangu naBaba wamwana akati Sekuru chimbo yenda naTayra ambojairira kuKuwadzana”, he added.

Moreover Amuli added that he reported the case to the police station leading to the arrest of the person who banged their door.