Dr Shingi Albert Munyeza spoke to Trevor Ncube on his YouTube channel.

Below is the summary of their discussion:

1. Dr Munyeza is Trevor Ncube’s Pastor.

2. Dr Munyeza said when Zimbabwe was going to the elections in 2018, they did not speak for a year. Trevor said Munyeza thought he had insulted him.

3. Now they meet often, they have coffee every two weeks. Munyeza said he is vulnerable with Trevor Ncube.

4. Munyeza said when he sees a problem, he asks himself what he can do about it.

5. In 2014, Munyeza and 10 other businesses organized themselves and approached the EU (After the 2013 elections), to remove sanctions on Zimbabwe .

6. They travelled to Europe with Mugabe’s blessing and with the European Ambassador’s blessing. They visited 6 countries.

7. The businessman met the house of commons and the house of Lord’s.

8. The house of Lord’s said they will drop the sanctions except for Mugabe, Grace and The Zimbabwe Defence Industries.

9. By the end of that month, the sanctions were dropped and over $200 Million was made available to Zimbabwe.

10. 2015, the 10 businessman went to Washington, they met, Linda Greenfield.

11. She told them that ZIDERA would take a long time to be lifted, but she said they could talk about companies that were on the OFAC list.

12. Dr Munyeza was put on that sub committee – they were talking about IDC, Agribank, ZB Bank. Three years later these companies were removed from the sanctions list.

13. Dr Munyeza said he felt betrayed by Mnangagwa’s government when they did not deal with corruption.