Tatenda, the sister or the late Mitchell Moana Amuli,  also says she has tried everything to get over Moana’s death but none of it is helping.

Tatenda took to the social media  to pen a heartbreaking message for her Moana who passed away last month in an accident that also killed flamboyant millionaire, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure.

Tatenda wrote;

I always came to you with my broken parts 💔 you always mended them for me with nothing but love and affection ❤️🥺 You always caught me before i hit the ground 👭 You promised as long as you’re there I’d always be safe from the snares of the world 😔 but now i question my safety 😭 i also question my sanity 😔 im losing my mind its not making sense 😭Its been over a month now and i still haven’t figured out how to say your name without it choking my throat 😭 im wrapped up and im so consumed by all this hurt …i have nothing left but anger mixed with love and confusion ❤️💔😔the roads around me are leading me nowhere 💔i wish there was a way to get you to come back cause i really needed you today and yesterday and the days before that too and i never thought I’d ever say type this but i desperately wish R.I.P meant return if possible but since it doesn’t Mimie rest peace ❤️🖤🕊️

One day at a time i will try to take it 😔If not for me then for our kids you left with me 🖤

She further added another message saying she lost someone special who wasn’t just a sister but was also her adviser, second mom and she doesn’t know where she will start in explaining to Tyra how her mom left.

I have stretched myself too thin 💔Mimie I’ve tried out everything but nothing they said would make me feel better has changed a thing 💔They said space will make me better 😔they said time would help me heal but the question is how do you heal after having piece of your heart wripped out 💔How do you pick up the pieces of a crumbling heart 💔how does space heal the pain of losing someone who was not only a sister 👩‍❤️‍👩 but a bestfriend 👭 an advisor ✍️ a teacher 🤫 a provider 💞 actually more of my second mom 💔 …how do you continue breathing when you’re drowning and your head is under water 😩 Mimie they dont understand how we grow up with close to nothing and how you fought so hard all the days of your life to make sure we your family got everything 👩‍👧‍👧❤️ i dont have the words to begin to explain to the world the pain i have in my heart ❤️ i cant begin to explain how helpless i feel at not being able to defend your name without me being verbally attacked or misqouted , how all the bad things they said about you went straight to my head and to my pierced through my heart💔 i cant begin to explain how i have no clue whatsoever on how to keep the memory of you alive in Kayla’s head and heart so she doesnt grow up and forget the one person who loved her with all her heart and soul 💔i dont know how to narrate to her how you claimed her from day one and how she came first to you before everybody else without it wriping my heart out 💔 Ndotangira papi kumuudza kuti you left with no goodbye nor did you even give a hint that you were going to leave her so soon 💔It doesn’t add up to me how you just decided to take a dive and leave us here all alone so how will it make sense to her 💔 i have no idea who i will turn when the pain cuts me deep and the night keeps me from sleeping 😔💔Mimie who will fight my battles when words fail me and there’s no strength in my bones 💔 Mimie who did you think was going to stand by me when the world forsakes me 💔 Mimie who is going to be there for me when the world forgets about my loss and begins carry on with their lives ..

Moreover Tatenda added that its been a month since the passing on of her sister but she’s still consumed by hurt on her loss.