An angry Apostle Chiwenga has this afternoon (20 December 2020) named the late Sam Madzingira as an assassin who was working at the Bulawayo regional office of the CIO. Sam Madzingira was the driver of a Mercedes Benz that collided with Apostle Chiwenga on 13th of July around 7:30pm.

Apostle Chiwenga says he has spent months in hospital, unable to do basic things like taking himself to the toilet. He showed pictures of his broken leg and x-rays, and said he now has permanent injuries from the accident.

Below are the key points from Apostle Chiwenga’ s statement

  • Apostle Chiwenga said Sam Madzingira was sent to kill him buy pushing him off the road, however, they didn’t anticipate that he would go for a head on.
  • Madzingira was a frequent user of this road and could not have made a mistake of travelling on the wrong side of the road.
  • Apostle Chiwenga said the modus operandi of the Norton accident was the same as the Masvingo one that killed his wife and two other church members.
  • Apostle Chiwenga offered his condolences to the Madzingira family, but said he is not responsible for their death.
  • He said not a single photo of Sam Madzingira can be found online.
  • He said he has spent over $USD50 000 on medical treatment and has lost his hig end car.
  • He said he is not going to make any claims against the Madzingira family, but
  • Silas Mbambo who claimed to have witnessed the accident does not exist.
  • Apostle Chiwenga said ZANU-PF is a bloodthirsty party that kills opponents and activists. He revealed that he is also aware that there was an attempt to assassinate Ray Kaukonde a few years ago.
  • Police have not yet taken him to court and he cant wait to make the statement after the investigations because he could die any time.
  • Jealousy Mawarire is a Makandiwa puppet and everyone knows that he does not go well with Makandiwa, who has connections in ZANU-PF.
  • Chiwenga said he will not be quiet like everyone else. He said even celebrated musicians are singing to the tune of Mnangagwa and his cult.
  • Apostle Chiwenga said Mnangagwa, General Chiwenga and ZANU-PF carry a curse upon their life. They see him as an enemy.
  • Apostle Chiwenga said Zimbabwe needs liberation from ZANU-PF.

Apostle Chiwenga slammed Masimba Mavaza, Jelousy Mawarire (ZANU-PF puppy) and former Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume ( Naive and simple minded), as puppets of ZANU-PF who are spreading misinformation about the accident.

Apostle Chiwenga questioned how he can be blamed for the death of Sam Madzingira, his wife and a lawyer who was in the car, when they came to his lane, where he was driving at the correct.

  • Apostle Chiwenga said soon, Mnangagwa’s government will be able to kill him but he warned that there will be spiritual consequences.
  • Apostle Chiwenga thanked the doctors who operated to him, nurses and those who helped him to bury their deceased.

What will happen next?

  • Apostle Chiwenga is no longer safe in Zimbabwe, he will have to leave the country.
  • If Apostle Chiwenga insist on staying in Zimbabwe, he will eventually be assassinated ( He said he will not leave Zimbabwe).

Please watch the full video statement below: