Jay Israel Says He Will Reduce Prophet Makandiwa To Tears

South Africa based Zimbabwean Prophet,  Jay Israel, says he will soon broadcast a LIVE video  responding to Prophet Evidence Chari, who last week released a video  of him and Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa, plotting to tarnish Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s image.

Jay Israel wrote two posts on Facebook:

In the first post, Jay Israel said:



THERE ARE NO TWO SIDES TO THE STORY , it’s just one side and you will soon know the side .


In another Facebook post written soon afterwards, Jay Israel said:

Greetings Family !!

After some time of meditation and prayer after the recent video released by Evidence Chari , I have heard a lot of versions concerning the broadcast and many people have taken it upon themselves to cast stones and castigate me without having a clear understanding of what is on the ground .

What I want to say at this moment is that whilst I’m waiting to come live and give detailed information concerning the video is that Evidence & Makandiwa remains charlatans . Do not allow such things to deviate you from the main core business that I’ve been teaching you which is winning souls and getting rid of pulpit bandits .

I will make sure that you know the truth behind this whole situation in due time .

Soon the truth shall be unearthed and all eyes will see and ears will hear of the TRUTH .
Evidence has no more Evidence left as he claims .
To everyone who has been praying for me during this time . THANKYOU so much from the bottom of my heart ❤️.


Jay Israel first alleged on 5 December , during a LIVE Facebook broadcast,  that Prophet Makandiwa had an affair with a prominent Zimbabwean woman,  without naming her.

Prophet Evidence Chari subsequently revealed, during his own LIVE Facebook broadcast, that the woman making the allegations was Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa.

Blessing is seen in a leaked video rehearsing wirh Jay Israel , how and what she would say for people to believe her story.

Blessing and her former husband, Hupenyu Mashangwa, had a long standing dispute with Prophet Makandiwa, which ended in court.

The Mashangwas, who owned Oceana perfumes in Zimbabwe, lost a court case in which they were demanding back their tithes and offerings from Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Prophet Makandiwa has reportedly opened a police case against Blessing for criminal defamation and extortion.

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