Apostle Talent F Chiwenga of Jesus revelations Ministries has asked Harare residents to choose between himself and  Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, of the UFIC.

Chiwenga controversially compared Makandiwa to Hananiah who was a false prophet during the times of Jeremiah.

This comes after Makandiwa claimed that Chiwenga falls in a group of people who are mentally challenged.

Chiwenga who referred to himself as Jeremiah asked people from Harare who they will listen to since there are two people with different ideologies.

Hananiah was referred to as “the prophet,” with no qualifications thus Chiwenga compared Makandiwa’s teachings to those of Hananiah which where baseless.

Chiwenga said he has received advise to work with Makandiwa unanimously however, he is not considering to take the advise.

He said working with Makandiwa is not only extremely canal but it is foreign to the faith of Jesus Christ.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.