Popular Zim dancehall artist, Jah Master, has denied allegations that he abuses his wife, Lorraine Masundire (Mai Jordan).

Jah Masters wife, Mai Jordan

He wrote on Instagram that he did not marry his wife to make her life miserable.

Jah Master was responding to allegations circulating on social media claiming that the artist is abusive to his wife.

Jah Master posted on his Instagram account that the rumours are not correct.

“I respect wife. Ndosaka ndakatono roora kwete Kuti ndimushungurudze”, he added.

The Zim social Network posted  had earlier today on Facebook that fans are not shocked that Jah Master abuses his wife.

Jah Master paid lobola for his wife and baby mama Mai Jordan on the 11th of October 2020.

Jah Master paid Lobola For His Wife recently