NEW BILL: Foreigners To Be Barred From Working In South Africa

The Inkatha Freedom Party( IFP) will tomorrow table a bill (The Employment Services Amendment Bill), which seeks to stop the employment of foreigners in South Africa.

The Bill Proposes that:

  • Before an employer can appoint a foreigner, they must make sure that the numerical targets prescribed by the Labor Minister have been reached.
  • The foreigner must have an APPLICABLE and valid work visa.
  • The employer must satisfy themselves that there is no other person IN SOUTH AFRICA, with suitable skills to fill the vacancy
  • The employer must make use of private and public agencies to recruit a suitable person who is a South African citizen or a permanent resident.
  • An employer who employs a foreigner must prepare a skills transfer plan for that position.
  • There should be deliberate attempts by the state to control the increasing preference by certain sectors of employing foreigners over South Africans.

The IFP said there is a perception by locals that foreigners are taking their jobs. The party said employers want to pay poor salaries to foreigners.

The IFP said it will approach workers unions in all sectors, and all other political parties, starting in January 2021 to get support for the bill.

Narend Singh, IFP Chief Whip in the National Assembly, said the fact that 90% of the waiters in South African restaurants are foreigners is unacceptable.

He denied that the bill is Xenophobic.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Independent.