DEMOLITIONS: Stands Were Bought For $200

In a shocking twist, it has emerged that housing co-operatives were charging members of the public only $200 for them to get a residential stand on farms in Harare.

Victims of demolitions told media in Harare that after the $200 deposits, they would were made to pay monthly subscriptions of $20. The payments were made to a land Baron called Kadye.

Affected Housing co-operatives lost court cases and demolition orders were obtained by the Harare City Council.

The council reportedly told victims that there will be a regularlisation process, however, this never happened.

The victims in Budiriro, made up of 190 members of Tembwe co-operative, blamed Mwazha church, which they say caused their eviction. They said the land was being given to someone called Muchechetere.

They also protested that MP Goodwills Masimerembwa announced recently that there would be no demolitions.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.