Vincent Tsvangirai endorses Douglas Mwonzora ahead of party’s EOC

The late MDC President and 2008-2013 Zimbabwe’s prime minister, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai’s son, Vincent has endorsed Douglas Mwonzora as the suitable President of the MDC-T party ahead of the party’s EOC.

Below is his Opinion piece. Word for word…

My Position
Let me get straight to the point before going into the details of why I am writing this EOC countdown opinion piece.
I support Douglas T Mwonzora for President of the MDC-T because I believe in his vision for the party and the country.

Why I support DM
Whilst DM has shared relations with MT from 1991 I first got to know about DM after the 2011 congress were he won the election of the Spokesperson for MDC-T.I found it rather fascinating that a man who had been released from prison (for political reasons) 4 days before the congress could go on to convince 4500 people in one day to make him the mouth piece of the party and the mouth piece of MT. He would go on to be an amazing Spokes and would comically be known as the Studio 7 spokes as the message of the party would reach every corner of Zimbabwe with the still popular Studio 7.
In 2014 he did what everyone including my late father thought was the impossible. After defeating NC with 800 votes at what will always be the famous 2014 Congress, with only 1 nomination to his campaign, he would dub his campaign as the 1 nomination 1000 votes in 1 day campaign 1-1000-1. Long story short that was the congress were NC was defeated and DM became the SG of the MDC-T. MT always had a way to aptly describe DM. He would say “zvinhu zvaDhagi zvinoita semanga manga but before you know it he has you in a checkmate”.Consequently l interpreted this as a great sign of MT’s respect for the SG.

DM is a politician who reminds me a lot of some of my late father’s attributes;
• He is Strategic in his planning
• He is not selfish
• He is seen as as both a brotherly and fatherly figure by supporters (famously known as Mukoma Dagi)
• He is kind but firm
• He is principled
• He is not corrupt

Why not the other candidates for me

Khupe Thokozani
Now while she may have her good qualities here and there her reputation the last 6-7 years has undoubtedly become unbecoming of someone who wants to become the president of a democratic party.She rebelled against MT and showed no sign of respect to her president going as far as to point her finger in his face and shouting at him using his first, the lie that she pebbles saying she shared a nice relationship with MT even to his death always leave a bitter taste in my mouth and reminds me why politicians are always viewed in bad light.
• She dose not listen to people
• She makes bad decisions
• Can not motivate support even in her own region
• Quickly moving away from MDC-T opposition principles

Morgan Komichi
The Senator has a number of good attributes but struggles to motivate the base to support him
• Suffers from a bad reputation of 2018 candidates selection that has left many disgruntled

Ellias Mudzuri
Like NC, Mudzuri peddels the lie that MT left him the MDC-T, he forgets that MDC is a democratic party were leadership position is not left to a particular person but is democratically elected. He likes to call himself a unifier but exposes himself as a hypocrite when he and his people conduct smear campaigns against other candidates and those who support them.
• Sleeps at meetings yet wants to energize the base for 2023
• Can not motivate the base
• Always found missing in action when needed
• Quick to point out the mistakes of others in the most unconstructive manner

Your vote is your secret and so is your right to choose who you want.As for me I believe in DM and everything he stands for and I know your vote will not be wasted on him.He will get the party back on course to defeat Zanu PF and he will bring democracy back in the MDC. All this malicious allegations against DM are the sign of people getting butterflies before the main fight, if candidates cannot build support at the base, if they cannot handle the heat they must stay out of the kitchen.

Dhagi Dhagi, Tese Tese.
Tese Tese, Dhagi Dhagi.

Hon V. Tsvangirai”