Java pulls rank on Chin’ono, invokes president Mnangagwa’s name in twitter war

Controversial prophet, Passion Java decided to pull rank and invoke President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s name in his trending fight on social media with journalist and political activist Hopewell Chin’ono.

Java posted a picture of him handshaking President Mnangagwa and captioned it with the reason why Hopewell Chin’ono is fighting him.

“Ava ndivo President vanondigonera even ndisingaite politics ndo Saka Hopeless Chimukonyo achindirwisa. I’m not a politician, Face inenge chi? #siyananeni,” Java said.

The young Prophet, in a way, suggested that Chin’ono is uncomfortable that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is doing well for Zimbabweans, hence the reason Chin’ono is fighting people who support the President, including Java.

Journalist and radio personality Larry Kwirirayi urged Chin’ono to exercise tolerance.

“The country has multiple voices. People have the right to their own ideas. What you think needs curing might be something others find comfortable. And what you find comfortable could be what others find needs curing. Let people have different dreams,” said Kwirirayi.