Popular, award winning, Zimbabwe international journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono has today slammed Passion Java and called him a Mnangagwa spy.

This follows the endorsement or Mnangagwa by Java yesterday who wrote:

Chin’ono wrote on Facebook:

I hope the youths can now see how they are at times used by regime enablers like Java, whose central purpose is to divert the youths’ attention from REAL issues of the day like poverty, jobs, hospitals, schools, roads, bridges, NO corruption, looting and plunder!

Open your eyes! These enablers are part of the corrupt and looting network that deprives you of clean drinking water!

What kind of Zimbabwean would ululate at their own economic saboteurs?

Whilst you are busy following them in their flashy cars, you are being distracted from asking why your taxes are not buying medication in hospitals!

Unless you are part of the thieving network that has brought so much suffering to Zimbabweans, why would you even support such drivel?