Govt to stop Ran Mine search and rescue operation

The Government has stopped the search and rescue operations at Ran Mine in Bindura where at least 10 miners were trapped when a disused mine caved in on 25 November.

Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo who visited Ran Mine on Saturday, said the government will henceforth take a relief approach. Said Moyo:

This tragedy was attended by several ministries, including the technical ministry of Mines and Mining Development, engineers, provincial and national civil protection unit.

Our first mode of operation is to search and rescue. We lost one volunteer and we retrieved one person.

The situation has gone worse because of the incessant rains and the ground has become sensitive and it is collapsing.

Some of the families are here and we might move into the relief situation.

We must move into the relief approach which includes a psycho-social understanding of what has happened and work with the families.

Efforts to rescue the 10 miners started on 26 November following the arrival of mining experts and heavy equipment but heavy rains and an unstable ground have hampered the operation. The tunnel continued to collapse.