South Africa based Zimbabwean Prophet, Jay Israel (27), last night exposed Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa during a live broadcast on his Facebook channel.

Below are the key points of Jay Israel ‘s exposure.

1. Jay Isreal says he speaks only of things he knows.

2. The revelations made about Makandiwa even shocked Jay Israel himself.

3. Jay Israel said he joined the Cult when he was 19 and stayed in the Cult until 2020 when he almost committed suicide. He met people online who were assisting him to commit suicide. Then he had a visitation from God.

4. Jay Israel said as someone who has been involved in a cult for a long time, he knows a cult from a distance.

5. Kay Israel says when he started exposing the false prophets and cults , last year, he started getting calls from Zimbabwe telling him about Emmanuel Makandiwa.

6.Jay Israel says he used to admire Emmanuel Makandiwa because he is a good preacher.

7. Jay Israel Says He is not here to fight Emmanuel Makandiwa.

8. Hundreds of people have approached him about Emmanuel Makandiwa.

9. Ray Tazarurwa was part of UFI from the beginning. He told Jay Israel that Makandiwa is not the man who started UFI.

10. 2 women came to Jay Israel with certain shocking information about Makandiwa.

11.The women will come live on Jay Israel.

12. The women was in love with Emmanuel Makandiwa.

13. The women have produced evidence, hotel meetings. One of the women’s marriage was destroyed by Emmanuel Makandiwa.

14. The first woman Jay Israel will be talking to is live.

15. Makandiwa was victimized and lost her marriage.

16. Jay Israel says this is the beginning of a long road into exposures of Makandiwa.

17. The woman failed to join the LIVE broadcast last night ans will join in future.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.