The Sunday Times reports that Malawian Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, is facing a minimum of 8 charges of r_ape, some with girls as young as 16.

The charges are outlined in the extradition request sent to Malawi by South Africa prosecutors.

Bushiri r_aped  young women who attended his church, Enlighted Christian Gathering (ECG).

Two of the rapes were reported at the Sunnyside police station in June 2018.

Bushiri is said to have ‘noticed’ the women when they performed on stage during church services.

Members of his security team would ask for the women’s cellphone numbers and Bushiri would contact the women via whatsapp.

The bodyguards would then pick up the women and take them to a room at the Sheraton hotel, where Bushiri would often book more than one room at a time.

Bushiri would also groom the girls with cash and gifts before r_aping them.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Times – 6 December 2020.