MDC Alliance Vice President,  Tendai Biti, this morning arrived at the Harare Magistrates Court where he is facing Assault charges.

Biti reportedly assaulted a woman at the same court on Monday,  calling her an idiot.

Tatiana Aleshina wrote on her Facebook.

Today i want to share my story of humiliation and verbal abuse i received from @BitiTendai. Say no to assault (physical and verbal) say no to gender based violence! #GBVmustfall

@BitiTendai is supposedly a national leader as VP of MDCA, a Christian and lawyer but the way he behaved is NOT acceptable.
He shouted at me, called me “stupid very stupid” several time’s and made me feel intimidated, belittled and publicly humiliated. He violated my rights as a woman. He violently pointed his fingers at my face and threatened me. To put this into context neither me nor my company had any prior dealings with this man, we have never spoken to him and yet his behavior was irrational, hysterical and not fitting for any man never mind one in his position. How can he be trusted if he does this to an innocent woman like me?
I’m not saying all this for you to feel sorry for me, I’m doing it to create awareness and understanding that in our society in #zimbabwe #harare there are men who put themselves above women. Such instances of sexism and chauvinism displayed by @BitiTendai as means of intimidation to reinforce the power base of men is shameful, he obviously wanted to remind me and women that they are weaker and inferior to him! This misogynistic behaviour MUST not be allowed to continue! Let us all stand together with #16DaysofActivism to prevent men like @BitiTendai treating women in this condescending way.

The below is what the UN have advised us woman to look out for…
-Display of anger in the way that frightens you
-public humiliation
-calling you insulting names ( such as “stupid”, “worthless”, “whore”, “fat” )
-threatens to hurt you or people you care about

“emotional and verbal abuse includes insults and attempts to scare, isolate or control you. it also often a sign that physical abuse may follow.”
This may lead to short term and long lasting effects that are just as serious as physical abuse!


Biti denied that what he did was assault and said he is being victimized by ZANU-PF.

Please watch the video above this post to see Biti arriving in court.