OPINION: MDC Alliance turns into a coven under Chamisa

By Dr Masimba Mavaza

The word Coven is defined as “a meeting of witches”.
Witches are associated with the highest level of cruelty mass destruction and inhuman actions covered in catastrophic end. So in a meeting of witches nothing good is expected from such gatherings. The witch is believed to be a master of untold suffering of human kind. So, for all the pain caused by the ego of Nelson Chamisa and his entourage, that is as painful as the spell cast by witches who feast on human suffering and death. Some of the actions of Nelson epitomise the most unpalatable morals in respect of both the living and the dead. One is left in no doubt that the half-baked purported mentoring for Nelson has not given him the maturity and values to uphold the integrity of his own party and the country. What is most baffling is that we are dealing with a pastor-cum lawyer with political ambitions which knows no boundaries. We expect logic and compassion to dominate his approach, but immaturity and shameless hunger for power characterise Nelson Chamisa.

It turns out that as a demagogue Chamisa could easily become the Hitler of our times if he could rise to the helm of the country. God forbids. What is most worrying is the extent to which he brags about his qualification for violence nurtured and matured in the infamous ugly scenes during his time at university to which his accomplices, Job Sikhala and Tendai Biti are senior generals of their MDC Alliance military wing, the vanguard. The alliances of the rainbow MDC Alliance(s) has created a toxic situation in Zimbabwe reminiscent of a stinking pot of collections of the waste from hell. Any well-intentioned Zimbabwean who may detest the situation in Zimbabwe should find MDC Alliance as unpalatable as Jonathan Moyo’s insensitivity to human suffering.

Despite the glaring crimes he committed he is held in high esteem by the advocate-cum pastor and chief destroyer of the MDC, a far cry from the stability provided by the late Richard Morgan Tsvangirai. Certainly, his efforts are in vain because of the ego of Nelson Chamisa who has presided over many “covens” to fuel national destabilisation programmes that have since given him a special pedigree of Trumpism in Zimbabwe. In case this was alien, the reality of that mantra is sustained killings in peace time. Trump has been encouraging violence and vehemently rejecting gun control in the same way as Nelson Chamisa persistently advocates violence while hiding from the violent actions; but calls those who heed his call idiots and stupids. In Trumpism (Chamisaism) the result is human carnage, symbolic of unguarded ego similar to the courage of those under the influence of Jamaican wheat (maybe musombodia, who knows).

Zimbabwe is groaning under systematic sustained sanctions which has been persistent. Unlike Obert Gutu who puts his hands up and apologise for what the MDC did by calling for sanctions Chamisa boasts that he binds one and bound a dozen a clear reference to targeted sanctions. He said we target one with sanctions but a dozen will suffer from the effects. The irony is that he said this amidst cheering from the participants of the diabolic meetings called rallies.

Are these Not “Covens”?
We now know that covens are meetings of witches. As the case of the MDC Alliance(s) covens are put across allow yourself the benefit of reflecting what the respective actions boil down to.

If sanctions amount to stifling lives across Zimbabwe culminating in economic disruption and loss of life, surely witches would be proud of that. The MDC Alliance(s) chose to side with evil to cast the country into a phase of darkness hoping that would weaken the national resolve to remain sovereign. Nelson Chamisa has been the high priest of sanctions virtually rejecting his pastoral jacket to advocate for extreme suffering as the high priest for sanctions against Zimbabwe. Surely, is Nelson out to serve the people or simply serve the master in the west. It is unthinkable that someone aspiring to lead a country will side with enemies of the state. Many people would see this agenda befitting the wishes of witches and the MDC Alliance is a party playing a paradox in claiming democracy while putting on a garment of evil. So, as many as there has been meetings to prop sanctions those are “covens” and many peace-loving Zimbabweans see those meetings as such and the oratory prowess of Nelson cannot hoodwink the nation intro seeing him as a saviour.
We now have many members from the MDC A high offices confessing that they have been propped up by America. The plan was to starve the Zimbabweans to rebellion.

When the MDC sadly lost its founding father even non-MDC supporters felt his passing was a loss to the nation because of his calming presence and judgement. Tsvangirai had learnt through his fight for multi-party democracy what patriotism is about. Unfortunately, despite walking along with the late iconic leader it appears Nelson Chamisa failed to mature and his naivety manifested during the time of mourning the great leader of MDC. When word came through that Mr Morgan Tsvangirai was no more, the most perplexing development was not how Nelson mourned his great leader. The shocking development during the dark moment was the speed with which Nelson Chamisa opted for a coronation as successor to Morgan Tsvangirai.

The picture portrayed by Nelson Chamisa’s actions is a man wrestling another man and a woman in Elias Mudzuri and Thokazi Khupe standing on Tsvangirai’s coffin with a gullible mob, the National Exeutive Council singing praises, what a pity. We normally respect the dead rather than use death as a coronation platform and not for Nelson Chamisa. Subsequent to the meeting that made him interim president in 2018 just after the death of Mr Tsvangirai, Nelson Chamisa became commander for violence and deception from that moment. His vanguard army almost burnt Thokozani Khupe at the funeral of Morgan Tsvangirai to stop her from taking her rightful place as a successor to Morgan Tsvangirai being the elected deputy president. The boy stood firm as a born dictator. Several violent acts have taken place from then on and MDC has disintegrated into various factions with Nelson Chamisa adamant that if it is not him at the helm, then the party can cease to exist. This young man brags about violence and supremacy against the constitution of his own party and takes of the garment of an advocate for the sake of power. So, are all these events not reminiscent of “covens” as alluded to earlier. You may make your own judgement about meetings to secure power over a coffin of one’s hero.

When evil explodes there is an avalanche of unholy partnerships. So who thinks that the souls of the late Morgan Tsvangirai rests in peace? Well, what peace can he have when Nelson Chamisa invites rebels against his leadership to his table.

The people who have made MDC the party for rebellion are Welshman Ncube, MDC-N, Tendai Biti, PDP, Job Sikhala, MDC-99; and of cause some small players who have learnt rebellion and violence from the masters. These political prostitutes irked Tsvangirai and one is not far from the truth to assume they accelerated Morgan Tsvangirai to his grave. Logic will dictate that the pain they caused to Morgan Tsvangirai would see them as the villains of the genuine struggle for multiparty democracy and enemies of the original MDC. However, against the stipulations of MDC’s founding principles and constitution Nelson Chamisa’s hunger for power saw the rebels come into the MDC Alliance for shameless power grab. To bankroll into the party these rebels without following the party’s constitutional procedures of re-admission before elevation and putting them at the helm of the party remains typical of Nelson’s dictatorial traits. So who else other than witches would feast on someone’s death and enter unholy alliances to demean their own. In the meetings to pour scorn on the soul of Morgan Tsvangirai any witch would feel comfortable and enjoy the plots. Judge for yourself if this does not qualify such meetings as “covens”.

We are now fully aware that Nelson Chamisa’s heroes are the racist and arrogant Donald Trump and the violent West. What is his criteria for choosing alliances? It looks like his shameless quest for power knows no boundaries. As Trump sprinted to his demise as the pope of America, Nelson Chamisa danced with him and now both are sitting in the dark shed of political junk yard. When Donald Trump’s narcist rhetoric bombarded the world Nelson ululated and bragged about holding Zimbabwe to ransom. Chamisa boasted of being promised millions by Trump for destabilising Zimbabwe.

Nelson was ready to sell his eighteen-year-old sister at the alter of self-aggrandisement. This pastor-cum lawyer is a male chauvinist. Since failing to gain power in the elections of 2018 Nelsom Chamisa became the loudest voice of chaos and violence, in the process driving thousands into harm’s way while hiding. What a coward, property has been destroyed and lives lost. Now we have a spate of fake abductions meant to bring the government of Zimbabwe into disrepute. The pastor seems to have forgotten souls and the lawyer seems to have abandoned good citizenship. What a shame for a man who must preach peace and love. So, the meetings where all this evil is planned that would be joyous occasions for witches.

When witches meet acts of evil follow. Whenever MDC Alliance meets evil follows and Nelson Chamisa sits uppermost as the high priest of such plans. We are never far from evil acts when Nelson Chamisa meets to devise his political moves. So, for all that we know about Nelson Chamisa his meetings are like true “covens” where witches plan evil. If Nelson Chamisa refutes our charge can he stand tall and condemn sanctions to save the nation from suffering. It turns out Nelson’s intoxication with power is making him a high priest of covenous meetings.

Zimbabwe is cursed with three musketeers Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and Job Sikhala. When the terrible three meet the doors of hell open.