Outspoken Zimbabwe socialite, TateliciousĀ  has sensationally claimed that Lorraine Guyo told her in a private chat that she was infected with an STI by Thomas Chizhanje.

In a video on social media, Tatelicious says this happened on Lorraine and Thomas’s first sexual encounter, as Loraine was a v_irgin.

She revealed that it was after the two broke up thaf Lorraine came to her inbox with her unfortunate situation.

The two made headlines last year following a messy breakup with Guyo accusing Chizhanje of spending her hand-earned money earned through comic skits online.

Guyo accused Chizhanje of breaking her v_irginity before breaking up with her.

After the breakup Tatelicious intervened and said people should support Guyo for the hurt she was experiencing of being used. Then she threatened Thomas to make a payment plan for the money he took or else there was going to be hell and his career is going to be doomed.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.