Thabitha Khumalo Diagonised With Breast Cancer

MDC Alliance chairperson Thabitha Khumalo has revealed that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has vowed to fight the disease.

Speaking to Gambakwe Media on Thursday, she said she was diagnosed with the cancer back in April, but had decided to keep quiet for now before opening up.

“With the disease there is no room for emotions as it is a war of nerves and I need to hold on to faith as
thin as it can be. My political life is the corner stone which has given me all the reason to fight back as there is no difference between the two.”

“They are both evils meant to be restored to normalcy. What I know is that I will win this war as I am giving it my all because God is in it,” Khumalo said.

With at least 4 580 000 women dying yearly due to breast cancer, the World Health Organisation (WHO) encourages early detection to combat the scourge.