How Makandiwa Joined A Cult In Ghana – Jay Israel

South Africa based Zimbabwean Prophet, Jay Israel (Jacob Dube) , says Emmanuel Makandiwa started off as a true preacher but was captured by Uebert Angel who turned him into a false prophet.

Jay Israel Says Uebert Angel took over by targeting pastors with huge followings. He said Uebert Angel created the system of son-ship, which is like network marketing.

Followers don’t know who is down the road, who is the father of everyone?

Please see the key points of Jay Israel ‘s presentation below.

Key Points

1. Makandiwa was a genuine preacher groomed by Pastor Chiweshe.

2. When he was in the AFM he was called Reverend Makandiwa.

3. Makandiwa formed the inter denominational gathering, UFIC after he was dismissed from the AFM.

4. Makandiwa only started performing miracles and being called Prophet when he teamed up with Uebert Angel.

5. It was Uebert Angel who introduced Makandiwa to Kusie Boateng.

6. Uebert Angel and Makandiwa travelled to Ghana.

7. It is not clear what happened in Ghana. There is a rumor that Makandiwa Joined a cult in Ghana.

8. Jay Israel says there was an intrusion that happened when Uebert Angel entered Zimbabwe and introduced the gospel of son-ship.

9. Uebert Angel was initially close to B Java, but he left him after he saw that Apostle Java does not have a big following.

10.  When Uebert Angel got to UFI he instantly became popular. Some members of the UFI even left and went to the spirit embassy.

11. Makandiwa began to perform false miracles. There was once a baby that was born after three days.

12. There were prophecies where women were losing weight miraculously.

13. It is rumoured that Makandiwa joined a cult in Ghana.

14. When did you last hear Makandiwa call for an altar call?

15. There are more than 5 offering collections per service in Makandiwa’s church.

16. Everything about Makandiwa is to make him rich.

17. The Blessing/Upenyu Mashangwa family took him to court after they lost everything. What happened to Mr Taza from UFI who was a well to do businessman. How come everyone who donates millions to Makandiwa ends up losing everything.

18. How come the Mashangwa family gave millions and lost everything?

19. Makandiwa is believed mostly by those from outside of Zimbabwe but those in Zimbabwe know him well.

20. How does the wife of Makandiwa visit people spiritually.

21. How many of the pastors in Makandiwa ‘s church are suffering?

22. One of Makandiwa’ s sons in South Africa was caught on film rehearsing a fake miracle.

23. Ruth Makandiwa collects money and then when she donates, she is the one who is in front holding the hampers.

24. Any gospel that uplifts the man and woman of God more than God is not the true Gospel.

25. Remind me of the day when you ever heard Makandiwa took people for baptism.

26. Uebert Angel Also had a spiritual son who was in Malawi, Shepherd Bushiri.

27. When Bushiri saw that Malawians were waking up he moved to Pretoria.

28. Do you know their source of their miracles?

29. There is now division in the body of christ.

30. More revelations will be coming on Friday.

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