South Africa based Zimbabwean Prophet, Jay Israel (Jacob Dube), has slammed Alf Lukau for harassing his family.

A fired up Jay Israel called Alf Lukau a spiritual bandit and a spiritual b_astard.

Jay Israel said 15 policemen came to his house who were sent to arrest him with 8 cars. He blamed Alf Lukau for this incident that resulted him being taken to the police station only to be released with no charges.

Jay Israel says he realised that Alf Lukau was after his life when strange cars started coming to his house.

Key Points

1. Jay Israel says ever since he started testifying at the CRL the battle lines are drawn.

2. Jay Israel says he will be bringing women that Alf Lukau r_aped to speak about their ordeal starting this week.

3. Jay Israel warned Alf Lukau that he is a different breed and is not afraid of him.

4. He said this is just the beginning. This will be a series.

5. He said Alf Lukau ran away from South Africa and went to Portugal. He is now in France where he is trying to start a church.

6. Jay Israel said Alf Lukau sold all his property in South Africa and gave some of his property to JP, including a jeep that Jay Israel gave to Lukau, which is now being driven by JP.

7. Jay Israel said Lukau must come back and face his crimes in South Africa .

8. Jay Israel says he us not attacking the church.

9. He said his life is in danger from fromĀ  Alf Lukau’s miniond and anything can happen any time.

10. Jay Israel Says he hasn’t been to his house because of people who are being sent by Alf Lukau.

11. He said his daughter and her mother are safe where they are.

12. Jay Israel say he will never go into a public place again.

13. He says thugs came to his studio when he was getting ready to broadcast.

14. He said he will not be broadcasting from his studio until he is safe.

15. He has taken his mother and sister to a safe place.

16. On Friday, Jay Israel Says he will go deeper into Makandiwa.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.