Following last week’s elections, the Namibian ruling party ,Swapo has lost its dominance in most local authority councils.

The Namibian Broadcasting corporation reports that since Independence Swapo has been dominating in local authorities but this time the oppositional parties outran the ruling party.

For the first time, Swapo lost Walvis Bay and Swakopmund to Independent Patriots for Change (IPC).

The ruling party was also outnumbered in the region of Hardap, Erongo and Kharas.

IPC and some oppositional parties are also taking over the Swap base in the northern region. In the Zambezi region the ruling party is still dominating but some results are yet to be announced

In 2015 the ruling party won 112 of the 121 constituencies.

In 2020, Swapo obtained the following seats:

Hardap SWAPO, 13 and Opposition 27

Erongo SWAPO 19 and Opposition 36

Kharas SWAPO 15, Opposition 28

Windhoek SWAPO 7, Opposition 10

Khunene SWAPO 10, Opposition 15

Omaheke SWAPO9, Opposition 13

Otjozondjupa SWAPO 7, Opposition 7

The independent patriot for church (IPC) and the Landless people’s movement (LPM) and PDM got the most seats among the opposition parties.

However, SWAPO did well in their traditional strongholds in the Northern region where they received 80 seats and the opposition obtained 48 seats.

The rest of the elections in the Zambezi region are yet to be declared.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.