Malawian Pastors Peacemaker Fraternal (PPF) says the Malawian government should not handover prophet Shepherd Bushiri to South Africa because he will not face a fair trial.

In a press conference held on Thursday, the pastors said Bushiri was unfairly treated in South Africa therefore he cannot be handed over to South African authorities.

Adding on, the pastors said the Malawian government should use every legal instrument to make sure that Bushiri is given a fair trial but not in South Africa.

Furthermore the pastors said the South African government should bring to book the officers on whom Bushiri brought a case against.

The pastors say they will not stop advocating against Bushiri’s extradition until the Malawian government gives them a solid answer that they will not hand the prophet to the South African government.

Shepherd Bushiri fled out of South Africa while on bail. The prophet is facing charges of money laundering, fraud and rape.