The mother of the late Mitchell ‘Moana’ Amuli has slammed the high court judgement that allowed Ishmael Amuli to bury his daughter under Muslim customs.

Yolanda Kuvawonga told journalists that corruption is rampant in Zimbabwe ‘s justice system and she is not happy with what happened at the high court where she lost and was ordered to pay costs.

She revealed that Ishmael Amuli took advantage of her when she was 14 years old and lured her with doughnuts until he made her pregnant.

She says Amuli then took her to his house in Domboshava where she suffered abuse and beatings at his hands.

Yolanda said there was no food at Amuli’s house and she had to leave when Moana ‘s pregnancy was 2 months.

She revealed that Amuli would beat her up for buying food, even though he could not provide.

Yolanda said the judge in the burial case did not consider all the facts, such as that she had opened a POSB Bank account for Moana as a way of preparing for the future.

She also revealed that Amuli’s son, had ra_ped Moana and the case was not reported to the police. However, Moana’s husband and father of her daughter Tyra, was aware of the issue.

Yolanda revealed that when she got cancer, Moana begged her to withdraw funds from the POSB bank and use the money to support the family.

She said Moana and her younger sisters were forced to sell boiled eggs at the market to help with supporting the family during the time when she had cancer.

Yolanda said the judge should have considered why Moana left her fathers home to move in with her in Highfields.

She also said the judge only considered the photos of Moana as a baby which were produced by Ishmael , but not other evidence that she had.

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