Opposition law maker, Hon Johanna Mamombe on Wednesday during a parliament session, accused ZANU pf MP for Mberengwa, Hon Tafanana Zhou of se_xual abuse.

Mamombe rose on a point of privilege and challenged the 19th parliament to set up a “Privileges committee” to deal with Tafanana Zhou’s case and another one that was raised by the late Hon Kareni in 2018.

The young legislature said the Zimbabwean parliament needs firm laws for those found guilty for sexual harrasment. She accused the house of ignoring matters of se_xual abuse raised years ago.

Joanna urged parliament to take advantage of the 16 days of activism against gender based violence to address se_xual abuse matters that have been reported but yet to be resolved.

She said it was important for the Madam speaker to take these matters seriously because she is also a woman and that Parliament should look into Tafanana Zhou’s case of se_xual abuse that was reported in Bulawayo

The ZANU pf MP for Mberengwa North, Mr Tafanana Zhou is being sued for $30 000 by one Henrietta Tafadzwa  Chauke for allegedly breaching a promise to marry and “wasting” her time after allegedly breaking her virg_inity.