Popular Zimbabwean Prophet, Emmanuel Makandiwa, has once again spoken out about the rolling out of vaccinnes and said this is part of a dangerous global agenda by dark forces who are setting up a one world government.

Makandiwa says this agenda is driven by the richest people on earth, who havd bought everything that money can buy, and now want to make ordinary people private property.

Makandiwa explained that the end goal of the vaccinne program is to totally control each person on earth, the same way for example, an iPhone is controlled centrally.

Makandiwa said when the program is complete, it will be possible to reboot a person, upgrade them and change their software.

The central control will be able to make people believe in anything, including changing their se_xual orientation.

People will find themselves attracted to animals, other men and other objects.

Makandiwa said while all this is happening, the church is asleep and is not warning people about the dangers of this technological demon.

Makandiwa said this program has been undergoing testing for years, and is now ready for rolling out across the world.

Makandiwa says although Trump is not perfect, he is working to oppose this evil system. If he is for God, God will give him strength.

He said the vaccine will come packaged in many different ways, from different places, as if there is no monopoly in its manufacturing.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.