An Air Force of Zimbabwe instructor and a female trainee pilot died on 25 November 2020 after a crash in Gweru at  Dabuka in the Somabula area.

The crash happened around 2:45pm.

The two flew from Thornhill Air Force Base.

The deceased were identified as Mkhululi Dube, the instructor and his female student, Officer Cadet Silungile Sweswe. They died on the spot when a trainer aircraft (SF 260 Genet)

Squadron Leader Dube was the secretary general of Air Force Of Zimbabwe football club, Chapungu.

The Air force of Zimbabwe has not issued a statement on the crash.

Witness Reports

A witness at the scene reported that the plane was trying to make a sharp turn when it started to shake and then it plunged to the ground.


The Plane was a trainer aircraft (SF 260 Genet).

Below is the history of the SC 260 Genet

History of the Zimbabwe SF 260 Genet Training Planes

Key Questions

1. Why was the plane not in Military colors?

2. How many military planes does Zimbabwe have and what is their condition?

3. Why did the plane crash with its wheels up?

The two officers bodies military medical team had just arrived and was trying to retrieve the bodies that were trapped in the wreckage of the small plane.

History Of Crashes

1. In 2005, two pilots died at Thornhill Airforce base in Chinese made k8 jets.


The planes in use are very old and are contributing to a large extent to the crashes. It’s is possible that other Crashed are happening which are not being reported.

It is also possible that the students are not ready when they are given the planes due to resource constraints such as lack of fuel.

Possible Solutions

1. Air force of Zimbabwe should consider retiring the fleet of old planes.

2. Alternatively, they can send their pilots for training in China.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.