The Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of foreign affairs, Mpho Tsedu, and other International relations scholars says the South African government must close the Shepherd Bushiri case and focus on other issues like Gender based violence, crime and unemployment.

MphoTsedu said the Malawian constitution protects holders of diplomatic passports from extradition and South Africa may as well close the Bishiri case.

One of the International relations local scholars said it’s up to the Malawian authorities in terms of the Malawian law to decide what to do.

“It’s not up to the South African authorities at all to extradite him, you can make a request on extradition of Bushiri but it’s up to the Malawian authorities to decide whether they are going to surrender Bushiri to South African authorities,” he said.

Adding on, Political analyst Professor Lesiba Teffo said the South African government does not have strong moral grounds to handle the case giving how the handled similar cases before.

According to the scholars, chances of Bushiri to be extradated are slim.