Justice Pisirai Kwenda will today hand down judgement in the court case between the father and mother of the late Mitchell ‘Moana’ Amuli at 2:30pm.

Moana’s mother, Yolanda Kuvawonga, wants Moana to have a Christian burial, while her father Ishmael wants her to be buried using Muslim tradition.

Yolanda took the matter to court and wants Moana to be buried at Zororo Park, while Ishmael wants her to be buried at Warren hills Cemetery.

Yolanda is arguing that if Moana is buried using the Muslim tradition, she will not be allowed to put flowers on her grave and she will not be allowed to visit her grave.

Ishmael, who brought the President of the Islamic faith in Zimbabwe to court, argued that women play a key role in the burial of another woman and Yolanda and other mourners will be allowed to be present at the burial.

The President of the Islamic faith in Zimbabwe said women will only not be allowed to cry as the casket is being lowered as prayers will need to be made at that time.

Yolanda, who has already bought a coffin, said Moana was a public figure and she wants her friends to come and mourn her.

Moana’s parents were divorced when she was a baby and Ishmael took care of her since 1994 and raised her as a Muslim.

2 years ago, Moana and her father had a fall out after she left her husband, and Moana then became closer to Yolanda.

At the time of her death, Moana had given Yolanda all her belongings, including her daughter, who was living with her sister in Highfields.

The two families have been fighting openly in public since her death.

Moana ‘s Funeral was first delayed after her body, which was badly burnt in the accident in which she died, could not be identified.

The initial agreement on Thursday last week was that the body was to be taken to Doves, then to Yolanda’ s House in Highfields for a short time and then for burial.

This agreement fell apart after Ishmael claimed that Yolanda had insulted him by claiming that Yolanda was not his daughter.

Ishmael then walked out on the agreement and decided to proceed with the burial on his own. This was not allowed by the police who barred him from taking the body until an agreement was reached between the two families.

Since Ishmael had the burial order, Yolanda decided to go to court to cancel the first burial order and get a new one. This is how the current court case started.

The judge decided to delay judgment to look at rulings in other countries as there is no precedent in Zimbabwe.

Ishmael ‘s Lawyer is Arshiel Mugiyo, while Yolanda is represented by Jerome Madondo.