Zimbabwe Deputy Defense Minister ,Victor Matemadanda, claimed that he was poisoned by a gas after a ZANU-PF meeting this week. Matemadanda is seen as a Mnangagwa loyalist and is one of the people in line to succeed Mnangagwa. Analysis by Albert Matapo.

Albert Matapo, leader of the Zimbabwe People Power Movement said poisoning and killings are common in ZANU-PF. He said factionalism is behind recent poisonings and this is coming from within ZANU-PF itself.

Matapo said in his view, there are people who are against Mnangagwa who want to eliminate people who are close to Mnangagwa.

He said Mnangagwa’s enemies know that Matemadanda is very powerful and can potentially take over from Mnangagwa when he is gone.

He said ambitious people in ZANU PF are thinking about succession and they see him wanting to leave the leadership of ZANU-PF to someone from Masvingo, Matemadanda, and therefore want to eliminate him.

Matapo said G40 is also embedded in ZANU-PF and can also launch such a poison attack.

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