Edson Dipi ( Sekuru Gora) confirmed to Drewmas Media that he killed a Mermaid in 2016. He is in the ares in Mudzimu Tateura in Chivhu.

Describing the incident, Sekuru Gora said a three fishermen came to the area ( Dzidze River). One of them was called Saviour Soda, went into the dam and he said he wanted to catch a mermaid. Albert Hwari and Albert Mataruse were watching.

Soda started to drown while in the water.

Sekuru Gora said he was passing by and he saw the hat of one Soda and Albert Hwari was crying.

Sekuru Gora said he jumped into the water. He said he saw a lot of big fish moving around.

Sekuru Gora said he came up holding a person thinking it was Soda, and then saw that it was a fish. Suddenly the fish changed into a person.

A local sprit medium, Mbuya Mugoni came running possessed and said you have killed my daughter. She took the mermaid into the water and was gone for two hours.

After she sufaced a ritual was done and Mbuya Mugoni took some goat liver and disappeared into the water.

When Mbuya Mugoni surfaces again   she said on the fourth day Soda would come out.

After four days, Sekuru Gora said he came to the dam and found Soda outside the water , dead, and he was buried.

Please watch the video above this post for more information.