In a shocking development, the MDC Alliance Chairlady for Bulawayo, Tendai Masotsa, has revealed in a voice note that Tawanda Muchehiwa and a group of more than 20 were plotting to  attack government buildings leading up to 31 July.

Tendai has been widely criticised by Muchehiwa’s camp, who accused her of working with state security agents during his abduction.

Tendai said in the voicenote that Muchehiwa had received funds to acquire explosives and was asking her to arrange a safe house where he and up to 20 other people could be based when launching operations against the Zimbabwe government.

She denied that she was responsible for leaking this information to the police and said any of the 20 people that were working with Muchehiwa could have leaked that information.

Tendai revealed that there were armed people among Muchehiwa’s group and she was not happy that they were willing to go to the extent of burning government buildings to achieve their objectives.

Masotsha was not implicated when the MDC Alliance released a report on the abduction of Muchehiwa , causing an uproar among the opposition and activists who felt the investigation by the party was inadequate and left a lot to be desired.

Please watch the video above this post for the voicenote of Tendai Masotsha.