In a scary and strange video posted on social media, a female prophet spoke to the “demon” of the late Ginimbi, revealing all secrets of the underworld:

Here are some of the secrets that were revealed:

  1. Ginimbi was number 2 in Zimbabwe in the underworld
  2. His job was to initiate other people into a cult
  3. Anyone who looked at the logo on his coffin was  initiated
  4. Ginimbi was not supposed to die in the accident, that’s why he came out and the others burnt.
  5. He does not know why he died, he was not supposed to
  6.  Anyone who googles the name Ginimbi gets initiated and his spirit enters
  7. He was given his money from initiating people
  8. He had powers, even girls would not resist him
  9. He loved women and money.
  10. Passion Java came as part of the cult
  11. Look at the t-shirt he was wearing
  12. His mission was to deceive people
  13. His coming was supposed to improve his image among Zimbabweans
  14. Anyone who says the word Twabam is initiated

Please watch the video above this post for more details.