Ugandan police say at least 37 people were killed during a protest sparked by the arrest of Bobi wine.

In a video posted by Aljazeera on social media, Ugandan government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said the deaths were the results of confrontation with the police.

According to Malcolm Webb Aljazeera’s correspondent based in Kampala, the Bobi wine supporters thought the government is trying to sweep off Bobi from the upcoming presidential elections.

Commenting on the issue, oppositional candidate, Bobi wine said they are not going to stop fighting for a better Uganda.

” I have news for you Mr Museveni and all those sustaining dictatorship. We cannot be broken, you can imprison our bodies, you can teargas and paper spray our bodies but you cannot touch our souls” said Bobi.

Furthermore Elly Tumwine, Internal Affairs minister said the demonstrates are to be blamed for attacking police officers.

“Police has a right to shoot you and kill you if reach a certain level of violence” said Tumwine.