Popular South African based, Malawian Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, is set to lose big after escaping South Africa to Malawi while on bail.

SB Hotel reception

Bushiri is likely to lose his $17 Million private jet to the state and has already forfeited his R5.5 Centurion house after he failed to appear in court yesterday.

Bushiri  forfeited his Massive Mansion in Centurion

However, Bushiri’s most personal loss will be his Shepherd Bushiri Sparkling Waters Hotel, where he used to spend most of his time with his closest inner circle, including his spiritual father, Prophet Uebert Angel.

Bushiri with his spiritual father Uebert Angel At the SB Hotel

The SB Hotel comprises of 53 rooms and has 3 dining areas, with two specifically reserved for the use of Bushiri.

One of the private dining rooms at the SB Hotel

One of the dining rooms, known as Major 1, can only be used if Bushiri agrees that a guest uses it, for a price.

One of the pools at the SB Hotel

The hotel boasts a spa, massage room, tennis courts, gaming rooms and conference facilities.

One of the conference venues at the SB Hotel

People seeking healing from all over the world would be accommodated at the hotel for up to R5000 a night before meeting Bushiri one on one for a further payment.

Booking a special seat on the healing row cost R5000 and there would often be more than a hundred people seeking to sit in that row.

Guests would be ferried from the airport in a special shuttle, all this for a fee.

SB Hotel boasts beautiful gardens

A massage at the hotel costs R500, a day spa costs R5000 and a facial costs R1000.

SB Hotel Front Views

Bushiri has  eight horses at the property. Staff there told the Sowetan Newspaper that Bushiri has a private cottage called the Peace mountain where he would accommodate friends and while there he would ride horses and play tennis.

The newspaper was told that the hotel was fully booked when they visited on 19 November 2020.

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