Two Buhera Children Die In Landmine explosion

The landmine was at the homestead for two years and no one knew what it was

Two 5 year old cousins from Buhera, Tivakudzeishe And Orzill, died on Thursday after a discarded landmine they were playing with exploded.

Adults at the homestead told ZBC that the landmine was at the homestead for over 2 years and was the children ‘s favourite Play thing.

Another landmine was discovered by the brother of the deceased in the same area resulting in two local schools, murove Secondary and Primary bring temporarily closed while the area is searched for more landmines.

The MP for the local area, Joseph Chinotimba, called for an awareness campaign to be held in the area. He urged adults to educate kids that there is nothing of value that they can pick in the impoverished area.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.